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Managed Services Agreements for on-premise systems

Most small businesses do not want to worry about IT problems, time spent on IT problems is better spent on building the company and generating revenue. This is where GW Net-Working excel.

One of our core services is our IT Management Services for In-House IT Systems. We can tailor a Managed Services Agrement to monitor, maintain, support and manage all IT systems used in your business, as appropriate. If you have IT staff, we can fit the services around their needs and support them whenever they need it. All Managed Services Agreements include preferential response times and service rates for our IT Helpdesk.

The 3 levels of our Managed Services Agreement operate on a simple Gold, Silver and Bronze basis. A brief description of these can be seen below:


A bronze level service will entail having a software agent deployed onto a suitable device on the network. This agent will then report back to GWN's Service Centre any problems, or potential problems, in real time and 24 hours a day, for the selected network devices. GWN will then report back to you with a suggested solution. This system is perfect for companies that have IT staff designated to address IT problems. A website address and username can be provided which will allow individuals within your business to login and check alerts whenever you wish.


A silver level service will provide all of the features of the bronze but with the added benefit of proactive maintenance of all the computers on the network. The proactive maintenance is designed to prevent potential problems on network devices before they impact users. This is invaluable for minimising downtime on critical network devices.


A gold level customer will get all of the above plus unlimited inclusive helpdesk support for all devices covered under the agreement. This will cover any IT problems you may have (excluding hardware failure) and any assistance you require dealing with 3rd party companies such as calling your ISP to get an internet connection back online.

Here are some examples of devices we can monitor:

  • PCs (Windows, Mac, Linux)
  • Routers and Switches
  • Servers (Windows, Mac, Linux)
  • Websites
  • Network Printers

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