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Online Backup

For every company, backing up company data is vital. In the event of total data loss, the prospect of Business failure becomes much more of a reality.

Backing up your company data, email and databases online is a great way to protect that vital information you cannot afford to lose without requiring you to load tapes or backup disks.

GW Net-Working have established a partnership with a reliable and cost-effective online backup provider. This now allows us to provide clients with a secure, automated and easy online backup solution.

Some of the advantages of using online backups over conventional tape and hard-drive backups are:

  • No hardware required - All data is stored in a remote data centre
  • No tape or drive changes - Eliminate the need of changing tapes or drives on a daily basis!
  • Data is secure - If your office were to burn down or computer equipment stolen, your backup medium is not destroyed
  • More reliable - restorations from online backups have a much better success rate than tape backups, so the backup data is more reliable
  • The software can be installed on any computer - You can backup your Windows server, laptop, desktop PC, Linux computer and Mac computers with a simple software installation
  • Access to the data is easy - All data can be accessed from any internet connected computer