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Managed Services

“Managed Services” is the term used to describe the IT services utilised by a client that are managed by an external service provider, such as GW Net-Working.
Whilst there’s nothing new about the concept of Managed Services – relatively old examples include: Domain & Web-site hosting, POP3 email mailboxes – new technology increases the breadth of services that can be managed by external organisations as effectively as an in-house team or department.
More recent examples of Managed Services include: Online Backup, advanced Email-Filtering & network monitoring.
Some IT services Providers, such as GW Net-Working, have developed Managed Services platforms around advanced monitoring, alerting and reporting systems that enable a far greater range of IT systems to be managed effectively by an external organisation. Such IT management capabilities would’ve historically required a substantial investment in in-house IT management systems.

IT Systems & Services that can now be managed by GW Net-Working include:

  • Server / Workstation availability
  • Desktop user-environment
  • System performance
  • Backups
  • AV protection
  • IIS / Intranet availability
  • Exchange Server availability
  • SQL Server availability
  • Internet gateway router availability
  • Network printers availability
  • Asset Management